Welcome Kinsfolk Grooming Co.

Hi Everyone!

It’s Trent here! They let me behind the keyboard today to write a little something.

Firstly I want to thank everyone for supporting Swagger Beards, this doesn’t necessarily mean you bought something from us, maybe you just told a mate or shared some of our content, and I truly appreciate it!

It’s been a massive journey for us rebranding into Kinsfolk Grooming Co. When I say journey I mean countless nights up late, missing time with my family to work on Kinsfolk and also tons and tons of phone calls to all parts of the world. We first decided to rebrand in March this year. I know it came as a disappointment to those who loved Swagger, although we were really heading in a different direction now to what Swagger was known for. We wanted to offer grooming products for your entire body, not just your beard. After all your body is a temple, right?

Now I can comfortably say that we’re offering you a truly premium product at an amazing price point, from the packaging down to the pure to botanical essential oils we’re using in a whole range of our products. You’ll notice that some scents have gone from the lineup and this needed to happen so we could focus on bringing you more products without compromising quality. Our new scents have been extensively tested amongst blokes (and women) to make sure that they’re universally appreciated by all! It’s hard to find a scent that everyone loves! But we came as close as we possibly could, especially with our all new Passage and Explorer scent, both a premium blend of pure to botanical essential oils. A classic favourite and our ticket into the GQ Magazine, Mountain Mist is still well in play!

We’ve added four new hair products which I personally formulated with input from leading barbers in my local area, these formulations took close to twelve months to nail, but we got it!

You’ll see a brand new Shampoo & Conditioner joining the ranks which we know you’ll love. We’ve started with a Peppermint and Tea Tree essential oil blend to help fight dandruff and other skin diseases all whilst boosting blood circulation to your scalp leaving it invigorated.

Our Beard Balms and Beard Wash have increased in size, but not cost! Our new solid colognes will have people chasing after you wanting to know why you smell so good! And our new completely natural deodorant will give those pits a much-needed awakening and detox from the usual chemical and aluminium filled junk you find on the supermarket shelves!

Did I mention our new soap? It’s not available just yet, although it will be soon!

Also, we’ve developed a brand new pack builder. This took quite a while to develop after loads of feedback from you all wanting more packs in Swagger. Well, now you get to build your own! Completely customisable packs to suit your grooming requirements! This is absolutely unreal and you have to check it out!

Oh, and they’ve allowed me to have my own Snapchat account where I get to do cool things like give away free stuff and give snapchatters exclusive deals and discounts. So if you have snapchat you should get on board!

I’ve probably forgotten a few things because my mind is going absolutely crazy at the moment as it winds down from a huge few months.

I once again want to say thank you. It’s truly humbling to know that our products are now on thousands upon thousands of people’s beards all over the world, and now…the rest of the body!

Welcome Kinsfolk Grooming Co.

Defining The Modern Man With Ageless Style.


-Trent (founder)


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