Top 5 Pomade Hairstyles for Men 2017

Top 5 Pomade Hairstyles for Men 2017 and How to Achieve Them

What is currently trending for men’s hairstyles is a break-away from the throwback looks from the American 1950s: think Mad Men. Instead, men are wanting a hairstyle that is a cross between messy and structured. In other words, the modern male is looking for hair styles that look neat and like they didn’t try too hard.

Today, men are not afraid of a little product. Using pomade is a simple way to achieve the best looks. Hair pomade is a lightweight, waxy paste that provides hold, shine and texture to hair. It is either oil or water-based and is not sticky like gel.

Let’s explore what makes men’s hair trendy.

The fade

One feature has been popular for many years now: the fade. The top five hairstyles for men this year all have some degree of fade on the sides with many combinations of hair length on the top in order to achieve a modern aesthetic. Having shorter hair on the sides and longer hair on the top is an undercut, which has many iterations that we will discuss. The hottest looks also include a variety of texture and shine.

To part or not to part

A second trend in men’s hair this year is a strong side part. This is a continuation of trends from the not-so-recent past. The neatly constructed line marks the short hair from the long – the structure from the chaos – the business from the fun, so to speak.

A cut above the rest

What follows is a discussion of the hottest hair styles for men for 2017. They are listed in no particular order. The only qualification is that they must include a fade to make the cut – pun intended.

  • The side part – A classic version of this style shows a low fade that blends well into the longer hair on top, which is swooped neatly across the top. The modern version makes use of a higher fade that demonstrates a drastic change in length from short to long, ignoring the blending and subtle graduation in length.
  • The spiked fade – Either high or low fading is used around the sides and back, leaving the length on top to spike up or forward to create texture and interest. This is a sporty look and does not make use of a side part.
  • The slick back and forward – This style takes the side part and kicks it up a notch. Obviously, as the name implies, the slick back has shine because hair pomade is applied to wet hair. The bangs are slicked back and up while the back is slicked forward. What results is a tidy cut with a bit of edginess.
  • The textured crop – A high fade is cut along the sides and around the back, leaving the top without a part and tousled forward. Bangs are kept short and blunt. It is similar to the slick back except pomade is applied to dry hair instead.
  • The platinum side part – This is a completely modern twist on the side part. Hair coloring for men is trendy this year. Why not take your blonde or brunette hair to another level by going platinum? Then finish the look by fading the hair and throwing in a wicked part.

Arguably the best concept about these men’s hair styles is that they are completely interchangeable. A good barber can change the look from week to week. Parted on top one week, slicked back the next. The fade provides structure to the sides while the top provides the character.

Add a pea-sized amount of hair pomade to the fingertips, run through your hair, and you’re out the door. Simple, quick and easy: that is how to describe the top pomade hairstyles for men this year.

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