Top 5 Beard Styles For 2017


There are a myriad of beard styles for you to choose from in 2017. Also, there are a number of factors to consider with each one. Here are five of the top styles for this year, how to grow them and product suggestions to help maintain them, so you and your beard look and smell as good as possible.


The Balbo is one of the most popular beard styles now thanks to the Robert Downey Jr.’s look in the Marvel Universe movies. You can take a look at a picture here on a blank face. In order to grow the Balbo, you need to refrain from shaving for a month or until you have a fully grown in beard, which includes letting your mustache grow out as well. You need good razors or an electric razor to remove a desired portion of hair from the sides. Finally, use a straight razor to appropriately shape the finished look for yourself. Definitely use one of our beard wash products before, and most definitely afterwards to keep your beard healthy and cleansed.


Eric Bandholz, is who turned the Bandholz beard style into a sensation. Take a look at it here. The Bandholz takes patience, especially during the first four months, but it pays off. You won’t need anything except a great beard oil and some beard wash for those months. Afterwards, you can use scissors to cut and shape it, or you can just let it grow freely. You will at least need Swagger Beard’s Premium Beard Pack or something better from here for constant maintenance. It requires a lot of upkeep as far as cleaning goes.


This is the style preferred by most men compared to all other beard styles, and it can be seen here. A well-groomed and properly done full beard will bring out your features better, and it will make accentuate your attractiveness. If you decide to rock the full beard style, then you might as well spring for the Essentials Pack of the Signature Line. It is easy to grow and maintain. First, let it grow until your stubble starts getting thick. Next, you start shaping it with a razor or trimmer. Finally, let it grow out for about a month and a half and maintain that length.


The Garibaldi style is easy to grow and maintain because it does not rely much on looking styled. Also, it is shorter than the Bandholz. You can check it out here. As you can see, you will have to trim it some, and since style is not as emphasized but cleanliness always should be, the Essentials Pack-Premium Line should keep you maintained, clean and smelling outstanding. Growing it is simple. Just let your beard grow for several months or until it is between 15 and 20 centimeters in length. Trim and shape the lower end to round it out. The only heavy maintenance should be on the mustache because the focus should be on the mid to lower beard.


This is simple and expected to be one of the more popular beard styles this year because a lot of men find a full length beard to be itchy and uncomfortable, yet they still want a full facial hair look. If you are considering a full, short stubble beard, this is the look you want. It is simple to grow and maintain too. Do not shave for a few days and use trimmers afterwards to maintain the desired length. We highly recommend the use of a great beard oil (like ours) to kill that itch and flakiness which is often present in the early stages of stubble growth.

These five styles of beards are expected to be quite popular in 2017. Hopefully the instructions on growing and maintaining them will help you find your perfect facial style.

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