Top 5 Beard Questions Answered. From A Patchy Beard To Growth Pills.

So we thought we’d help you all out and answer some questions we get frequently here at Kinsfolk Grooming, either through social media or directly to our inboxes, from a patchy beard to pills for beard growth!

1. Which product is best for growth?

This is a tricky one, A few beard care products out there suggest that they’ll make your beard grow faster but they never actually explain why so we will.

Let us go back to basics. If you have healthy skin and healthy hair right down to the follicle level your follicles are going to be primed for optimal beard growth, the rate at which your beard will grow comes down to genetics, anyone saying that your beard will grow faster with this product is actually telling a cheeky fib, that’s why we use the terms “encourage growth” as using our products will put your skin and beard hair (right down to the follicles) in the healthiest state it can be in, naturally. This has come to be because of extensive R&D into our now famous six signature carrier oil blend. Six carrier oils specifically selected and blended to provide ultra healthy skin and hair follicles.

If you’re serious about growing a healthy beard we’d suggest starting with a beard oil, not only will it help ease the crazy itching period, it’ll also help to provide optimal skin and follicle conditions to encourage growth.


2. Do you sell growth pills?

Ummm, what are you trying to grow……? If it’s your beard, no such thing exists. Unfortunately, the “pills” out there labelled as “Beard Growth Pills” are usually just multi vitamins relabelled and sold for a premium price. When we get asked this type of question we often give the advice to buy a good quality multi vitamin like Swisse (no affiliation, promise to beard!) and use this in conjunction with some of our products. Think of it as nourishing your beard internally and externally.

So steer clear of the “Beard Growth Pills”.


3. What can i use to grow in my patchy beard?

Unfortunately, this comes down to genetics and anyone touting a product that will “fill in” these patchy beards are….quite frankly….full of it!

Everyone’s beard is different, as we’re all unique. Some grow a thick beard, some thin and some have a few patches, usually around the cheek area. This is what separates me from you, you from your mate and your mate from the annoying person on the train that speaks on their phone too loud. So how do you overcome the issue of a patchy beard?

1. Groom your beard based on its coverage. So, in a nutshell, shape your beard so the patches are complemented rather than sticking out and being obvious.

2. Grow your beard out to a good length and use something like our holding balm to shape the beard hair over the patchy area.


4. My beard is wiry, can I soften it?

You sure can. In fact, that’s extremely easy to do. We suggest applying a beard oil daily and throwing some conditioning balm in your beard at night. Beard oil may take a while to soften your beard, although our conditioning balm will soften it within 5 minutes, guaranteed. You still should be using the conditioner in conjunction with an oil though, as they do slightly different things 🙂

Our beard conditioning balm is a unique product to Kinsfolk Grooming Co. unlike anything else offered in the beard care scene. And now with our new addition of our Activated Charcoal Beard Balm you have even more options on how to condition that beard of yours!


5. Why are you guys so awesome?

We just are……..we love beards as much as you do and want to make sure you get that healthy, great looking beard you’re after. If you need any advice don’t ever hesitate to contact us either through the “Say Hello” section in our footer or head over to our Facebook page and say hello 🙂


Bonus Tip

6. Avocado Oil For Beard Care

Avocado oil for beard care is becoming a trend over the last few years! Avocado oil for beard care shouldn’t be used on its lonesome though, you still should be using a high quality beard oil! So what is the benefit of avocado oil you ask? It is packed with antioxidants and a complex vitamin profile (vitamins A, vitamins B, vitamins C, fiber, copper, folate, potassium and vitamin K). So if you can’t get your hands on a high quality beard oil, be sure to grab an avocado, crush it up and rub it into your beard and skin. Leave for 15 minutes and then rinse. Some may laugh, but give it a go, you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

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