Our Story

Some of you may remember us by our old name, Swagger Beards.

Swagger Beards started in 2014 in a small coastal town in NSW, Australia, when the then founder, Trent, decided to grow a beard and had all the problems most beard growers face, itchy, dry and flaky skin. After trying countless products Trent wasn’t satisfied with what the current market offered so he set out to make his own beard oil. Fast forward to 2017 Swagger Beards was now one of the leading beard care providers in Australia, even having their Mountain Mist Beard Oil in the world famous GQ Magazine!

In between these years, Swagger Beards slowly developed and expanded their product line to offer more for the modern man. All of the products were developed based off what our customers wanted, not what we thought they wanted.

In early 2017 it was obvious to Trent that Swagger Beards was shifting to more of a grooming brand focused on the modern man in its entirety and not just the humble beard. With this in mind and an obligation to continue its expansion into other countries, it was decided to change our name to better reflect the direction Swagger Beards was heading. With that Kinsfolk Grooming Co. was born.

Our name may have changed, although our philosophies stay true. Everything we make is done in small batches to maintain a high standard. Product development stays in house and has done so even with our expansion and we’ll always listen to what our customers want and not just predict what you want.



Why would i outsource manufacturing to a factory when i can make something just as good, if not better with my hands, all whilst maintaining the same hygeinic conditions a factory does. Machines don’t have passion or soul, they’re cold and heartless. I want people to know that when they use one of our products it was made with love and dedication, not just by pressing a button or pulling a lever.


-Trent (Founder)



So welcome to a new chapter, welcome to Kinsfolk Grooming Co.

We wouldn’t be here without the thousands upon thousands of you that have called our products home to your body. You have made us what we are today. We thank each and every one of you!


Defining The Modern Man With Ageless Style