How Often To Apply Beard Oil

It’s a question we get asked often.

How often do I need to apply beard oil, and how much do I need to apply?

There’s often a debate about how often you should apply beard oil, but let’s end the debate and tell you the facts.

First, let’s start with the amount of beard oil you need to apply based on your beard length.

Stubble – 1 drop

Short – 1-3 drops

Medium – 3-5 drops

Long – 6-10 drops

Check out (and download) this handy graphic if you can’t be bothered remembering the above!

hot to apply beard oil

Applying beard oil itself is pretty straightforward. Before we get into application let’s put something to rest. ONCE A DAY PEOPLE. ONCE A DAY! That’s how often beard oil needs to be applied.

Drop amount of oil required as per the chart above. Rub oil between palms and fingers. Starting at the base fo your beard touch fingers to skin and rub hands against the skin in an upward motion to chin and cheeks. Repeat process if required (don’t add more oil). We highly recommend that you apply the oil after a shower or after leaving a hot face washer on your beard for a few minutes so your pores are open and ready for pampering! Also, comb your beard after applying beard oil or beard balm. It helps further distribute the oil or balm through your beard. Remember, focus on your skin, that’s where 90% of the problem arises for itchy and flaky beards!

It’s all a pretty straightforward process. Some will try to give you a science lecture and dribble on about BS, not us though. We cut the crap and let you know how it is. In a simple format. Not a science lecture.

We hope you enjoyed this short write up about how to apply beard oil.

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