How To Get Rid Of Beard Itch

Our last blog post, “How To Apply Beard Oil” was a massive hit! So we thought in this one we’d take a closer look as to why your beard itches and what you can do to get rid of beard itch.

So first and foremost. Why does your beard itch? To keep it short and sweet after shaving your beard hair is cut at an angle, leaving a sharp spear looking shaft behind. As your hair grows those sharp edges scratch and irritates your skin causing irritation and beard itch.

Dry skin also causes beard itch. We’ve all had dry skin before and know how itchy that can be! So think of it in the same way, but on your face!

So the big question…

How To Get Rid Of Beard Itch?

So you’ve gone to your partner and told her (or him) that you’re going to grow a beard. You’re thinking how awesome you’re going to look, you may even be thinking you’ll look like the next Ryan Reynolds or Idris Elba…..But then it happens, you’re around a week into growing this beast and BAM! The itch begins, it drives you nuts, you’re scratching like mad and your early masterpiece is starting to look red and raw and you grab that razor and think “Screw this, I’m shaving it off”. STOP! Don’t go shaving it until you’ve read what we have to say about how to get rid of beard itch! With a few simple steps, you’ll kick the itch and grow that face garden out to all its glory!

  1. Wash out that shampoo.
    This sounds silly, but the shampoo you put on your head can actually dry your scalp out, especially if it’s full of sulfates and other nasties. Same goes for conditioner. So after you’ve washed your hair make sure to give your beard a good wash as well to really rinse out all of that shampoo and conditioner that’s found its way down to that masterpiece!
  2. Dry that beard.
    Seems simple, but do you really dry your beard well? The longer your beard the harder it is too dry it properly, exactly like the hair on your skull so to help get rid of beard itch make sure it’s DRY. Even use a hair dryer if you really need too! Sounds super manly, we know. Just shut the doors and play some heavy metal loudly and your manliness will stay intact.
  3. Use a good beard oil.
    Using a good beard oil is essential to taming that beard itch, not only does it moisturise the skin, it also nourishes the hair shaft and follicles. There are loads on the market these days, you could say it’s become a little saturated, just be certain to pick one that does what it says! Like ours. You can find ours here!
  4. Comb that beard.
    Combing your beard 1-2 times a day helps to remove any residual flakes of skin and damaged hair shafts. It will also increase blood flow to your face as the comb stimulates the skin.


We’ve created a neat little infographic for you below to save and share with your bearded mates!


get rid of beard itch

So with that covered, we hope you’ll be a little bit closer to understanding why your beard itches and how to get rid of beard itch once and for all!

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