2017. The Year That Was. Kinsfolk Grooming Co.

We’re almost at the end of another year! Was it a big year for you? Because it was for us.

2017 was a year of HUGE changes for us. For those that remember we use to go by the name of Swagger Beards. Early in 2017, we decided the name Swagger Beards didn’t quite fit the direction we were heading anymore and after lots of discussions, coffee and headache thought processes we decided to change from Swagger Beards to Kinsfolk Grooming Co. It was a HUGE risk for us, although it paid off.

With the name change came a complete design change in our labelling, new products, new fragrances and a new focus.

We introduced two new beard fragrances, Explorer and Passage and introduced a new all-natural deodorant as well as our world first Activated Charcoal Beard Balm.

We also introduced four new hair styling products and most recently added a fifth to the line, King’s Clay.

So what does 2018 hold for Kinsfolk Grooming? I’d like to say we’re having a rest but we’re not! We’re charging full steam ahead with loads of new products waiting to hit your bathrooms, products that are not only unique but affordable. We’re also on a mission to get our products in various parts of the world to make it even easier for our overseas customers to get their hands on our products!

Sometimes we feel like these two.

Whilst 2018 will be another crazy year for us we can assure everyone that our products will still be made right here in Australia using ingredients sourced from within our own borders. Doing this keeps jobs in our own country and supports the local communities as well.

It’s humbling to know that tens of thousands of people have trusted us with their beard (and now hair styling) needs since 2014. We can’t wait to show you what’s next!

We hope that you’ve enjoyed the ride as much as we have this year. And we hope you’ll continue to enjoy what we have in store for everyone in the future.

Have a safe and happy new year!




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